Kids Craft Camp
Kids Craft Camp
Kids Craft Camp
Kids Craft Camp
Kids Craft Camp
Kids Craft Camp
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Kids Craft Camp

Kids Craft Camp

Do your little ones like to do Art and Craft?

On weekdays from 18 Nov to 31 Dec, 11.30am to 4pm, we will be holding a kids art camp where they can learn how to make clay accessories and gemstone bracelets! This is a good opportunity for them to tap into their artsy side and get creative!

First 50 signups are eligible for early bird sale at only $160!

What are you waiting for? PM us to sign up today!

20 November (Monday)
21 November (Tuesday)
22 November (Wednesday)
23 November (Thursday)
24 November (Friday)
27 November (Monday)
28 November (Tuesday)
29 November (Wednesday)
30 November (Thursday)
1 December (Friday)
4 December (Monday)
5 December (Tuesday)
6 December (Wednesday)
7 December (Thursday)
8 December (Friday)
11 December (Monday)
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13 December (Wednesday)
14 December (Thursday)
15 December (Friday)
18 December (Monday)
19 December (Tuesday)
20 December (Wednesday)
21 December (Thursday)
22 December (Friday)
25 December (Monday)
26 December (Tuesday)
27 December (Wednesday)
28 December (Thursday)
29 December (Friday)
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