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Gemstone Bracelet Workshop
Gemstone Bracelet Workshop
Gemstone Bracelet Workshop
Gemstone Bracelet Workshop
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Gemstone Bracelet Workshop

Gemstone Bracelet Workshop

More than 400+ Unique Gemstones to choose from!

Top up $30 at our shop to have access to our 300+ Rare Gemstones Collection such as Chrysocolla, Kunzite & Fire Quartz.

Premium Gemstones Collection such as Larimar, Pietersite & Tanzanite comes at ala-carte prices.
11 November (Saturday) 2pm to 3.30pm
12 November (Sunday) 5pm to 7pm
13 November (Monday) 6pm to 7.30pm
15 November (Wednesday) 6pm to 7.30pm
17 November (Friday) 6pm to 7.30pm
18 November (Saturday) 5pm to 7pm
19 November (Sunday) 5pm to 7pm
20 November (Monday) 2pm to 4pm
21 November (Tuesday) 2pm to 4pm
22 November (Wednesday) 2pm to 4pm
23 November (Thursday) 2pm to 4pm
24 November (Friday) 2pm to 4pm
25 November (Saturday) 5pm to 7pm
26 November (Sunday) 5pm to 7pm
27 November (Monday) 2pm to 4pm
28 November (Tuesday) 2pm to 4pm
29 November (Wednesday) 2pm to 4pm
30 November (Thursday) 2pm to 4pm
1 December (Friday) 2pm to 4pm
2 December (Saturday) 2pm to 3.30pm
3 December (Sunday) 5pm to 7pm
4 December (Monday) 2pm to 4pm
5 December (Tuesday) 2pm to 4pm
6 December (Wednesday) 2pm to 4pm
7 December (Thursday) 2pm to 4pm
8 December (Friday) 2pm to 4pm
9 December (Saturday) 5pm to 7pm
10 December (Sunday) 5pm to 7pm
11 December (Monday) 2pm to 4pm
12 December (Tuesday) 2pm to 4pm
13 December (Wednesday) 2pm to 4pm
14 December (Thursday) 2pm to 4pm
15 December (Friday) 2pm to 4pm
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Calling all crafters! Do you want to create & design your very own gemstone bracelets? 


We offer a range of 300+ beads ranging from 8mm to 12mm, exclusively sourced gemstones in all variety of colours available!

Not to forget, we also we have an additional 200 types of 8mm - 10mm beads specifically sourced for Men Bracelets!


Let your creative imagination run wild!


What’s inclusive:

1) An brief introduction to gemstones and how to appreciate them!

2) Draft and design your very own gemstone bracelet with your friends or loved ones!

3) Care Tips for your Gemstones Bracelet

4) 10% discount for booking of subsequent workshop immediately after completion (Capped at $10)

5) All other materials will be provided


What's not inclusive:

1) Rare beads of 100+ unique gemstones, ranging from Nephrite Jade, Charoite, Kunzite and more!

2) Premium beads of 50+ unique gemstones, ranging from Tanzanite, Golden Rutile, Lavender Jade and various unique shaped gemstones will be available on ala-carte basis.


Items you will bring home:

  • 1 x Customised Gemstone Bracelet
  • 1 x White Floral Knots Bracelet Box or Black Vertus Knots Bracelet Box


Points to note:

1) Rare beads top up will be $30/$40/$50 for half/quarter/full bracelets, top up will be made on the day itself


Location: Orchard Gateway #03-05, Hands On Klay Retail Store

*With effect from 2022, in accordance with the government’s new safety measures, only vaccinated participants may enter our workshop venue.

In the event that workshops are to be canceled due to the latest safety measures, you can either opt for a refund/credits to transfer to the next in-person workshop.